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Adress: Olmia AB, Ågatan 12, 172 62                    Sundbyberg, Sweden

                + 46 (0)8-551 067 50

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Secure and effective storage solutions

Olmia delivers system solutions and components for electronic archive and document management solutions, according to our clients needs. We deliver and implement both reputable standard products and customized solutions for specific requirements. 


We offer both on-premises installed systems and services, as well as SaaS/Cloud-based solutions. All in accordance with the current situation and the clients' preference. 

Products and Services​


Olmia delivers, maintains and develops our client's business-critical system environment. Not only by delivering or maintaining a specific system, product or component in a general system environment but being actively engaged in our clients business and system support.

Olmia is actively engaged in monitoring, maintaining and developing major parts of the data flow that runs through different system components. This includes not only those components and services that we deliver ourselves, but also those from other suppliers. Along the way, this has resulted in a long and close cooperation with our clients in continuously adapt and develop the business support as well as the system environment as a whole.

Products and Solutions

Olmia delivers document management products for the whole process including import, storage, and retrieval of data. 

Active Maintenance Service

Olmia's maintenance service is always adapted to each client's needs. Preventive, corrective and always customer-oriented. 

System and Business Development Service

We are working in close collaboration with end users, business managers, IT departments and system administrators


 ”Olmia are professional and knowledgeable in their field."

Christina Hedwall, Business System Manager, Swedbank AB

Olmia core values



In order to be innovative and strive for enhanced solutions, we combine experience with curiosity. 



We believe in continuous evolution, both in ourselves and in our services and products. 


The trust from our Clients is the sheer foundation of our business. We are convinced that reliability creates trust. 

We strive for your success 

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