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Adress: Olmia AB, Ågatan 12, 172 62                    Sundbyberg, Sweden

                + 46 (0)8-551 067 50

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System and Business Development Service

We are working in close collaboration with end users, business managers, IT departments and system administrators.


The specific needs change over time. For some clients, we are on-site on a weekly basis to assist and align their system environment with the developing needs of their business. For other clients we show up once a month, or whenever they wish, to both practical and visionary assists with their business and system demands.

We are in cooperation with customer and their internal GDPR work adapting specific configurations and working methods to handle the requirements as set by the General Data Protection Regulation. This includes customization and activation of necessary logs and login procedures, customization of permissions for accessing certain documents/case types (sensitive information, protected identity) and documentation about access and logging.