The Segmented Storage Market


The market for storage and e-archive solutions is quite segmented. The giant vendors that we all know, are offering big storage volumes in different price categories, both to consumers and organisations. More specialised big vendors are providing more advanced ECM solutions that target large organisations with the need for additional functionality. Then there are several smaller and local vendors that offer more specialised solutions for specific business areas. So, there are many suppliers out there and it is not always easy to pick the one that is the best choice for You.

As in most cases, it is all about what you actually need. The storage business is not based on delivering cool gadgets, it is about making the storage and retrieval of data effective, secure and at a low cost.

At Olmia we focus our resources on becoming the number one supplier when it comes to effective storage solutions. We don’t compete with other business-critical systems that bring other value to our customers, as that would surely make our solution much more expensive. Instead, we embrace the functionality those suppliers provide to our mutual customers and we provide the best-in-class integration capability to those systems for our clients to benefit from which will serve as a win-win situation for everyone involved.

In addition, we do not limit our offering to either structured database storage or flat file storage. We provide our clients with access to their data irrespective of the data being stored in our e-archive system or in another storage volume. Wether the volumes hold structured or unstructured data, if the data is stored in a database or in a file share, we still provide the customer with secure access to their data.

And all this, with no additional cost for any added volume, just more effective access.

In conclusion, from our perspective, we don’t focus on just competing aggressively with other vendors for the favour of new clients. We just focus on the added value that comes from establishing good relationships and a good cooperation, both with our customers and their other suppliers.

At Olmia we have developed an Effective Storage Solution that is the result of years of experience and fine-tuning alongside our esteemed partners.

Olmia. Effective Storage Solutions.

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