The practical touch of GPDR, from a system-supplier’s perspective.

The practical touch of GPDR, from a system-supplier's perspective.

From a practical point of view, the supplier’s challenge of GDPR is not just about developing and delivering an embedded privacy-by-design functionality in a system solution. One of the main tasks is to be able to in close collaboration with the customer evaluate the demands that correspond to the business area and to the specific department’s needs that the customer has to act upon. Many of these demands may be fulfilled by developing the customer’s working processes and to align the existing system’s functionality, rather than solely developing a new standard functionality.

At Olmia we have therefore, in parallel with adding improved functionality to the solution,  spent a lot of time  with our customers in order to:

  • Revise and adapt which logs are enabled.
  • Implement a customised permission structure, in order to restrict access to certain files/records.
  • Block access to sensitive data for normal users (eg protected identity).
  • Develop relevant documentation and training.

Along the way, we have been able to learn a lot about what kind of challenges our customers face. At Olmia we take a great deal of pride in growing and deepening our relationship with our customers, which ensures that the further development and refinement of our system’s solutions will be alined with our customers’ future demands. 

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