On Premises

Olmia is actively engaged on-site at our customers where we monitor, maintain and continuously adapt the different system components. This has in many cases resulted in a long and close cooperation with our clients in developing the business support as well as the whole system environment.

Products and solutions

Olmia delivers document management products for the whole process including import, storage, and retrieval of data. We deliver, implement and maintain solutions including e-archive products, scanners, classify & indexing and RPA software.

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Our e-archive solution offers fast and efficient storage and retrieval functionality for everything that needs to be stored (documents, images, email etc) and kept easily accessible. The system includes privacy-by-design functionality for automatic disposal of records, single sign-on and sharing files and data in a secure manner.

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If you are in need of scanner solutions in order to digitalize your own physical documents, we deliver high class scanner solutions.

Please contact us with your specific needs. We sell and implement scannings solutions from well-known producers that fits the needs both for small and large organisations.

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We deliver powerful software solutions that automatically captures and processes data from nearly any business document. We also deliver workflow solution for document capture, classification, and processing.

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