Our On-premises solution

We offer an complete information management solution of all your incoming files, including both physical and digital information carriers.

It may include everything from invoices, contracts & agreements, HR & personnel documents, insurance & pensions, email, system file transfer –  just about everything that arrives to your digital or physical doorstep. Obviously we also store and handles your internal physical and digital material, and interact with your other business system, if you so wish.

How it works

Digital files are directly transferred to our automatic import service. Physical material is sent to our scanning service, which digitize and store the physical material, and send the digitized files to the import service. If Your prefer to scan and digitize the physical material yourself, we are happy to deliver and install suitable scanning components at your site.

When importing files, they are automatically classified. Metadata is extracted and the files are made fully searchable on their text content, thereafter they are automatically transferred to the storage service. Storage takes place in Your internal system environment and handled in accordance with your policies and security routines. 

When the files have been stored, classified, and searchable both on metadata tags and through full text search, you may easily retrieve the files and data by the web client. If you have the need of passing the files, metadata and/or records on to your other business systems, integrations with several standard business systems are available. A well-documented restAPI is also available and we are happy to assist with your needs.

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Our e-archive solution offers fast and efficient storage and retrieval functionality for everything that needs to be stored (documents, images, email etc) and kept easily accessible. The system includes privacy-by-design functionality for automatic disposal of records, single sign-on and sharing files and data in a secure manner.

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If you are in need of scanner solutions in order to digitalize your own physical documents, we deliver high class scanner solutions.

Please contact us with your specific needs. We sell and implement scannings solutions from well-known producers that fits the needs both for small and large organisations.

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We deliver powerful software solutions that automatically captures and processes data from nearly any business document. We also deliver workflow solution for document capture, classification, and processing.

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