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data searching

What if You from one single application could not only retrieve structured data from your e-archive system but also instantly find a specific document from your unstructured internal network storage?

This may not seem like an advanced functionality, but place yourself

in the following situation:

You need to find a single, specific and important document from years ago. And you need to find it now.

One way of doing this is to manually browse or search on your different network volumes, using the available build-in functionality. In most cases, you search by guessing the filename. And you do this separately and sequentially in each available storage volume. How effective and successful you are finding that a specific file is based on how well you are able to specify your search criteria for the file and how many storage volumes you need to go through. And it may take a while.

By using Olmia’s search functionality, you may not only search the structured archive but in parallel also all unstructured volumes of your organisation network(s) for specific words and/or phrases that your file contains. This is achieved by our full-text indexing service that runs 24/7 through all the file-volumes that you want to connect to the service. The service does not only capture the name of the files, but actually, find and indexes the full text in all documents that the volumes contain. And that service is not an expensive add-on,

it’s already in the package and works fully independently, whatever supplier that has delivered the storage volumes.

Using the full-text search in the retrieval application, you will not only find the pre-defined metadata of your documents but also the specific documents that actually contains the specific words and phrases that you are looking for. Independent on what storage volume that specific document is placed on. So, finding that old stored document is now just as easy and effective as you first assumed it should be.

Olmia. Effective Storage Solutions.

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