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We offer an utterly unique Cloud-based information management solution for all your incoming files, both physical and digital information carriers.

It may include everything from invoices, contracts & agreements, HR & personnel documents, insurance & pensions, email, system file transfer –  just about everything that arrives to your digital or physical doorstep. Obviously we also store and handles your internal physical and digital material, and interact with your other business systems, if you so wish.

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How it works

Digital files are directly transferred to our automatic import service. Physical material is sent to our scanning service which digitize and store the physical material, the digitized files are sent to the import service.

When importing files, they are automatically classified. Metadata is extracted and the files are made fully searchable on their text content, thereafter they are automatically transferred to the storage service. Storage takes place in our GDPR secured, OAIS-compliant and encrypted e-archive, which is located in secured datacenters, physically located within Sweden’s country borders (read more)

When the files have been stored, classified, and searchable both on metadata tags and through full text search, you may easily retrieve the files and data by a web client. If you have the need of passing the files, metadata and/or records on to your other business systems, integrations with several standard business systems are available. An well-documented restAPI is also available and we are happy to assist with your needs.

Why D-Safe Cloud from Olmia​


The data centers have a very high level of physical security (read more) and all data is encrypted both during transmission (TLS over internet) and on self-encrypted hard disks in the data center. All underlying systems in the Cloud platform have a high level of security hardening (SELinux). The platform is set up redundantly in order to achieve highest level of availability. 


The data never leaves Sweden as the datacenters are physically located within the country. Independent of the Cloud Act (read more), so we cannot be forced to disclose Your data.


100% of the energy consumption in the datacenters comes from renewable sources (water, wind, solar power). We always try to optimize energy efficiency as well as reduce carbon dioxide emissions and waste from our operations. For physical meetings with our customers and partners, we use public transportation as far it is practically possible. We sort the office waste, recicle glass and metal packaging and take care of environmentally hazardous waste.

Why the D-Safe Cloud from Olmia?




What is Cloud Solution?

Olmia offers a truly unique Cloud-based archive and document management service. We provide – out of the box – ready to use archieve applications, which can be ordered and adjusted to your specific needs.

The service includes a full state secure and encrypted e-archive service, including both highest electronic and physical with nothing but a subscription feee Of course you are entitled to a free trial period before you make up your mind.

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