About Olmia


Olmia is a private Swedish company with many years’ experience in the storage and document management business. Our clients and on-going assignments comprise many areas and industries e.g. banking, finance, insurance, technology, industrial and healthcare.

Independently of the business area, we deliver and develop system support depending on the needs of our clients’ business.

Our Offer

We deliver and implement solutions, products, and services for electronic archive and document management solutions, according to our client´s needs. We deliver and implement both standard products and customized solutions for specific requirements.

Products and services

Olmia’s product offering includes components and products for digitalization, import, storage, and retrieval of data. We offer both on-premises installed systems as well as SaaS/Cloud-based solutions, in accordance with the current situation and the client preference.


Our product offering includes products and components for electronic archive, digitalization, and retrieval of data with complementary services. We offer both on-premises installed systems as well as Cloud/SaaS-based solutions.


Our proven services include active maintenance and on-going development of our client’s system environment. This provides us with the opportunity to propose and introduce improvements between individual system components to enhance the client’s usage of the system support, which sometimes may be a challenge for specific component vendors and individual system owners.


Professional Service Director

Rickard Andersson​

Rickard is the co-founder of Olmia AB and has many years of practical experience in our client’s business area and system-environment. Rickard provides that our customers always have the best available conditions when it comes to their specific needs of the system- and resource support from Olmia.


Henrik Gidlöf

Henrik is one of the founders of Olmia AB and has for more than 20 years been working within the IT-industry. Henrik har extensive experience of business-, project- and delivery management and drives our long-term maintenance- and development needs for our existing as well as future clients.


Stefan Johansson

Stefan is responsible for development and technology. He has many years experience of Olmia´s solution-offerings and deep knowledge of the security aspects and business-areas for which the products are intended.


Magnus Nilsson​

Magnus is responsible for economy and enjoys being part of Olmia’s business operation and organisation for developing a successful and profitable company.

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