Buying or Leasing access to Your data..?

Buying or Leasing access to Your data

The modern society has gone from buying expensive and self-maintaining the product to the buy-use-and-throw concept and nowadays people not even want to buy the products at all but lease the functionality rather than own and maintain the product themselves.

For consuming goods this is quite well founded but what does this mean

in the modern IT-business?

The lease-the-functionality concept is much more effective when it comes to fast changes and development. You rent the functionality for as long as you need and, when appropriate, you change or upgrade to something new and more darting.

Still, there are real capital that you want and need to handle by yourself. That’s the real value to the company and the person that owns it. Data is not always appropriate or possible to lease, and in many cases, it should not be put in another organisation hands as you need to consider the real ownership of data that you hold for your customers.

So, you need – and should – be careful with the data that you possess. The handling of personal data is getting more and more regulated nowadays and it needs to be handled by a secure and pre-defined process.

Many times, the supplier’s sales reps are more into the functionality that their company has built upon the data layer. But sooner or later another vendor will offer additional and/or improved functionality and gadgets, so there is a risk for the supplier to prioritize and overvalue their overhead functionality.

We strive to lead the development rather than obstruct our clients’ needs when it comes to effective storage.

At Olmia, we build our solution on the foundation that the data storage is the most single important thing for the business. We keep it secure and reachable to you for as long as you need, but if you want to transfer the data to another storage, you certainly have the option to do this at your own wish. You (or your clients) owns the data, not the supplier, and you should have the possibility to store it wherever fits your need. If you want to buy an on-premises installation or need to hire the solution for a short period that’s fine with us, no strings attached. We strive to lead the development rather than obstruct our clients’ needs when it comes to effective storage.

Olmia. Effective Storage Solutions.

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