Active Maintenance Service. The Olmia way.

Active Maintenance Service. The Olmia way.

Providing maintenance and support services may, for some suppliers, be more of an unwanted and time-consuming commitment. Another responsive workload that just needs to be handled in addition to other prioritize tasks. The sales reps make money on it, but the execution of the maintenance is often handled by personnel which has limited possibility of prevention or influence on the work that is agreed upon to be performed.

At Olmia, preventive and active maintenance services are not a profitable, additional upsell to our other services. Active maintenance is the sheer foundation of our operation from which our offerings are built upon.  Our solutions and services are founded and continuously developed and refined around the maintenance cooperation established with our customers.

We have a mission to support all stakeholders in their system solutions and their specific needs at all times.

The trust that we enjoy from our customers at Olmia is a direct consequence of the active maintenance approach that we have prioritize from day one as our main business focus for our operation and not another additional up-sale service.

Olmia. Effective Storage Solutions.

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